JByrnes Family

I wanted to share how wonderful the staff at Seasons have been to my dad. He has been a resident just over a year, the staff are as kind and caring today as they were the first day. Assisted living is such a hard decision for a family to make, constant worry about the care and kindness that is given when family is not around. The staff treat my dad as their own. I can't think of higher praise. Thank you so much!!

Paula Schumann Newton

I love this place. I do not have worry about my parents.

Toni Goddard Carter

Great friendly place. Best service ever. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Very beautiful building inside and out with the best view of Utah County and Payson Temple

Scott Cheever

I am always amazed and impressed by the kindness, competence, and sincere affection all of you have shown my father. It is consistent and unwavering. Thank you!"

Rom R. Tervort

I feel compelled to share some of my feelings with you. First I would assure you that I could not be happier with the way she was treated while she was a resident there. I wan to assure you that she was at least as happy as I am and felt that she had become part of the family there. Beginning with our examination of other assisted living facilities in the area and continuing throughout the 11 months she spent there we never felt any concern or pressure to upgrade her care to some other 'level'. When Mom first entered she could get around very well and didn't really require a lot of special attention. A couple months in she had another fall and began to deteriorate rapidly over nine months until her death. I watched you and your staff take more and more responsibility for her and never saw that reflected in the bill. The bill the last month was the same as the first month. I feel it was a great honor to work with an owner and an establishment of integrity. Thank you for allowing me and my brothers and sister to focus our attention on Mom rather than her medication, laundry, memory, etc. Thank you so very much!


“To some wonderful care givers and friends, thank you so much for the loving care you gave to my dad and your kindness you gave to my family! You have created a great and very care-giving facility. Thanks to each and every staff member!”

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